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Chad Ford on the OKC Thunder

ESPN's NBA analyst Chad Ford conducted his own online chat yesterday, and he fielded a few questions pertaining to the Thunder. I've excerpted these questions below, and the entire chat is at the link.

NBA Chat With Chad Ford | ESPN


Question: What's Jeff Green's trade value around the league right now? He's a Lamar Odom like player with a great skill set but he doesn't always produce.

Chad Ford: He's got a lot of value. A number of teams are interested. The Thunder are going to need a big man though ... that's what they're hunting for. There aren't a lot of them available right now.


Question: Trade picasso here....Thunder get Nene, Lakers get Carmelo, Denver gets Jeff Green, Mo Pete and Bynum...who says no?

Chad Ford: Lakers would. But I do like that deal for all teams ... Nene would be a good fit in OKC if they could get him to sign an extension (he has an ETO at the end of the season). Green and Bynum would give the Nuggets two nice young pieces along with Ty Lawson and Arron Afflalo to build around.


Question: If Ginobli, Gasol, Westbrook and LeBron and Bosh get injured can the Blazers win the title this year?

Chad Ford: Question of the day. Add Kobe, Duncan, Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Durant, Rondo, Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard and Dirk Nowitzki to the injured list and you've got a definite maybe.

(Hey, look at that. Specific questions, followed by specific answers that were as serious as the questions deserved. Is that so hard?)