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I Have the Power! Week 14 Power Rankings

The Thunder finish up January at 7-6. Here is the question - were those seven wins better than the six losses? With the exception of Memphis, all of their losses came against playoff teams. Another way to look at that is, they went 2-6 against playoff teams.

From Around the NBA:

SB Nation 10 (10) Humbling week reminds us of how fragile the Thunder winning mojo is.
ESPN - Hollinger 9 (10) Remained afloat in a rough month of play.
ESPN - Stein 9 (8) Stein encourages KD to hold the line. 9 (7) Kevin Durant needs to shoot a little bit better against the better teams in the league, the ones who try to actually defend him intentionally.
CBS Sports 8 (10) Russell Westbrook's poor play against Heat may cost him All-Star spot.
ProBasketballTalk 9 (8) Over past 10 games, Durant/Westbrook scoring over 50% of team's points. Unsustainable.
Hoopsworld 9 (8) Challenging stretch coming up, starting with Hornets.
HoopsKarma 8 (7) Thunder still second tier, looking for that breakthrough.
FoxSports 9 (8) This line sums up the Thunder as good as any: "Games like the one last Sunday vs. Miami show the Thunder's potential, entertainment value and...the frustration that they're not quite there yet."
SportsIllustrated 7 (7) Team continues to make strides, but shoddy defense and unbalanced offense make their margin of error small.
Covers 9 (8) Gamblers have not been happy with the Thunder's record ATS.
DimeMag 7 (9) A two-man team can take you far in the regular season, but when the playoffs come, teams game-plan to take one of them away.