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Loud Links 2|1|11

Hello, February. Hello, freezing rain, snow, unplowed roads, and soon to be no more NFL. Thank goodness we have the Thunder for the next few months.

Ibaka Not in Brooks' Doghouse | NewsOK

Serge Ibaka did not get many minutes in the loss to the Heat, and Coach Brooks explains why. He's probably right; there's no way right now that Ibaka can stay in front of a player like LeBron James in the open court.

Kobe and Lakers No Longer Unbeatable |

An interesting look at the Laker's situation this season. True, they're not playing as well as last season or even compared to the Celtics, Bulls, or even the Mavericks. If you think we've been down this road before though, you would be right. It's a recurring observation from every past season where the Lakers are trying to repeat. The only appropriate time to make this examination is in May, not February. If these holes are glaring half-way through their opening round playoff series, then you have something to be concerned about. Otherwise, expect the Lakers to be competing in the Western Conference finals.

Durant's Comments About Bosh Have NBA Buzzing | NewsOK

Jenni Carlson takes a deeper look at the latest controversy du jour. I think she's right - I don't think it was a statement calculated to be controversial; rather it was a statement really made to his own teammates. To paraphrase former NFL tight end Nate Jackson (language warning), the greatest psychological warfare you play is not against your opponent, but against yourselves.

Who is the Tough Guy, Kevin Durant or Chris Bosh? | Houston Chronicle

Here is an interesting alternative take on the Durant/Bosh tussle. I might be in the minority, but I kind of like this approach:

I love Durant, as a player and what I have seen of him as a person, but I'm not with him standing in the locker room after a game calling a guy out for being a so-called fake tough guy.

You just had plenty of time and opportunity to show the fake tough guy just how fake a tough guy he is, and did nothing. 

You want to put Bosh in his place, put him on his butt. 

OKC Roster Full of Players from College Powers | NewsOK

An interesting note from John Rohde, who looks at the Thunder's ability to collect players from some of the most successful college programs.


Take a look at Russell Westbrook's monster jam against the Heat after the jump. Watch the replay and see how small the opening was when he split the defenders. Great move.

Okefor's Consecutive Regular Season Game Streak Will Come to an End |

The Hornets' Emeka Okefor sustained a strained left oblique, and this injury will keep him out of tonight's game against the Wizards. We don't know yet whether he will miss tomorrow's game when the Hornets come to OKC, but it is something to keep an eye on.

Ray Allen Re-lists his Seattle House |

You may recall that the erstwhile Supersonics traded Ray Allen four years ago, which set off a fascinating sequence of events for both Boston and the Thunder. Well, he's still trying to sell his Seattle house. You got $3.7 million? If so, and you want to live in a state where it rains every day, you can own a very nice house that has more bathrooms than bedrooms.