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OKC Loud Links: Free Agency Approaches

We're a day away from free agency, and I expect that things are going to heat up in the next 24 hours. Where will Chris Paul end up? What about Dwight Howard? Bob Vander Weide?

Westbrook's Paycheck Might Mirror His Development | NewsOK

Russell Westbrook is due for a big payday, and his past three years of development is a big reason why. The challenge for Presti & company is to pay him right while not upsetting the rest of the team's delicate balance.

Trainer Dishes on Westbrook's Off-Season Development | Sports Illustrated

Westbrook has been focusing on his offensive weaknesses, specifically his pull-up jumper and his lack of an in-between shot. I can't wait to see how this new facet plays out.

Rules to Effect Free Throw Rates Next Season | CBS Sports

It looks like the league isn't a big fan of Kevin Durant's "rip move." I honestly don't see a huge drop off because of this though; the latter update, involving shooting continuation, looks like it will have bigger impact.

NBA Training Camp Invites Feature Familiar Names | Ridiculous Upside

Our resident expert on the unshaped but high potential group of players writes up a great post on some of the cheap assets that could be made available during this season. I think this group is worth data mining, especially if we end up seeing a rash of injuries mid-way through.

NBA Urges Ratification | CBS Sports

The NBPA is urging the players to ratify the next CBA. Berger runs down the more interesting facets for our review.

NBA Owner Complains About Shortened Schedule. Guess Who? | SB Nation

I'm sorry Suns fans, but your owner is a complete Tool.

CBA B-Issues Leaked | CBS Sports

Young runs down the list of more minor aspects of the new CBA. You will be happy to know that player per diem is $120. That's a lot of Subway sandwiches.

Happy Birthday, Larry Bird | 8 Points, 9 Seconds

The Legend turns 55 today.

NBA Still Has Small Market Bias | Ball Don't Lie

The smaller market teams are going to miss out on the best opposite conference teams coming to their stadiums.

New Schedule is Actually...Fair | Sports Illustrated

Lowe takes the opposite approach to many of us, describing how the season's schedule is actually quite balanced. Everyone feels the pain.

I Love You Man | Basketbawful

We could not have picked a more perfect looking guy to be at the center of this ridiculous Dwight Howard story.

More links after the jump.

Wizards Close to Signing Roger Mason, Jr. | Bullets Forever

If Roger Mason, Jr. ends up moving to Washington, he might want to check in with the rest of the political class to better reign in his mis-tweets. How U?

Kings Could Lose Rights Deal from Bankrupt Huckster | Ball Don't Lie

A word of wisdom to the Kings - make sure your next contract doesn't involve Shake-Weights.

McGrady Signs 1-Year Deal With Hawks | CBS Sports

I'm kind of sad about this one. Even though I did not see any evidence that OKC might be chasing McGrady, the fact that he's going to a B-level team for the veteran's minimum indicates that he could have been easily picked up by Presti.

Nets Unveil New Logo | Ball Don't Lie

Eh, well, it's still better than the 76ers' potential mascots.