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Oklahoma City Thunder Revised 2010-2011 Schedule Released


A few quick notes about the schedule:

  • The Thunder have two appearances on ABC, against the Bulls on April 1st and at the Lakers on April 22nd.
  • The Thunder have 9 appearances on ESPN, 7 appearances on NBATV, 6 appearances on TNT, and 24 nationally televised games altogether.
  • The Thunder have one back-to-back-to-back (basically, a game on three consecutive nights). It comes from January 6th until January 8th, featuring a home-and-away series with Houston and capping off with a homestand against San Antonio.
  • In the Division, the Thunder play each team three times, rather than the usual four.
  • After that, the schedule gets a bit more helter-skelter, with obvious favour given to teams that present intriguing matchups.
  • They play all Eastern Conference teams once, with the exception of Boston, Miami, and Orlando. (Lucky us, right?)
  • For obvious rivalry reasons, they play Dallas four times (not including the two game pre-season). They also play Houston, Memphis, the Los Angeles Clippers, and Sacramento four times.
  • They play three times against New Orleans, San Antonio, Golden State, the Los Angeles Lakers, and Phoenix.
More analysis to come, stay tuned!
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