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NBATV's Oklahoma City Thunder Preview, Featuring Chris Webber

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In this video, Chris Webber basically gives a short preview of the Thunder for your average NBA fan. He discusses "taking the next step", building around Westbrook and Durant, and how a point guard like Westbrook has to operate. The most surprising thing Webber says has to do with Kendrick Perkins, whom is supposedly not a good fit for the Thunder because he can't do one-on-one defense. He goes on to say the Thunder need a shotblocker so they can get out in transition.

I agree that Perk can't do one-on-one defense very well, but he's got the perfect help defense in Serge Ibaka, who is *ahem* THE NBA'S BEST SHOTBLOCKER. Despite what I think is silly analysis, Perkins hasn't shown he can fit in offensively yet, as he was much more of a factor in the Boston offense and doesn't have a really solid assist man on the Thunder. Still, Webber's analysis overall is solid, though he speaks in vast generalities.

Check out the rest of NBATV's YouTube videos via their YouTube channel.