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OKC Loud Links: Four Games Down, One to Go

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The Thunder have endured a huge challenge early, having played four games in this inaugural week with one more to go tomorrow (Suns). I think we all need an evening of rest before the action picks up once more.

Post Game Nuggets | NewsOK

Mayberry notes that the crowd's encouragement of Russell Westbrook was amazing:

"I've never seen, in my 20-something years of being in the NBA, what the crowd did. They knew he was struggling. They watched our game last night. He struggled. But when he made the layup and the free throw and they were chanting his name out, that's special. This is a special place to play." - Scott Brooks

Durant Steals Westbrook's Thunder | Daily Thunder

Young only means this header ironically, I believe, because he's of the position (as am I) that the Westbrook contribution was every bit as big as the final shot. These two guys need each other to ascend the mountain.

Fans Give Westbrook a Hand, and He Answers Back | NewsOK

Mayberry breaks down what I felt was one of the biggest plays in the game - a Westbrook steal off of Dirk Nowitzki, a breakaway dunk, and the absorption of a foul that led to the and-1. The crowd and Westbrook became one.

Mavericks Post-Game Quotes | MavsMoneyball

"There goes my 6th man award"

Westbrook's Redemption | CBS Sports

Let's hope this big win against the Mavericks helps Westbrook get his season going in the right direction.

The Whole Thing was About Thabo Sefolosha | Daily Thunder

Young breaks down the purported "altercation" between Westbrook and Durant. The conflict is manufactured, I agree, but it unfortunately still is a story that needs to be watched because the issue underscores Westbrook's temperament, which needs to level out if he is going to run the team successfully.

(If you want to see the whole "altercation," you can see it here.)

Why Westbrook Won't Work in OKC | ESPN

Adande's arguments are not without merit, but this issue will be resolved when the Thunder re-sign Westbrook to an extension. Once that happens, the team will HAVE to find a way to make it work.

Kendrick Perkins Bites Back | Ball Don't Lie

Chris Webber has been notably critical of Kendrick Perkins' defensive play, and Perkins finally had enough of it. Granted, Webber is paid to criticize, but if he's going to throw the arrows out there, he shouldn't be surprised when the Yung Dawg takes issue publicly with it.

Why LeBron Could Have One of Greatest Seasons of All Time | BBall Breakdown

Coach Nick takes a look at the new wrinkles in LeBron James' game. Looks like some of those workouts with Durant paid off.

HoopSpeak Live: 31 | HoopSpeak

Check in with the HS guys as they talk about this exciting first week of action.