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OKC Loud Links: Merry Christmas!

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Friends, we have finally made it. On this very special Christmas Day (and good tidings to all of you, and peace and good will toward men), we get to celebrate by spending time with family, eating an unreasonable amount of food, and watching NBA basketball. One glance at today's docket is a tantalizing temptation to switch on the TV at noon and be content for the next 12 hours. One can dream, anyway.

NBA Opening Day Primer | Sports Illustrated

It is times like this when I am truly envious of Mr. Lowe's occupation.

Perkins vs. Howard: Jewel of a Match-Up | NewsOK

It's gone' get rough out there.

Durant Gives Away Free Sneakers | Ball Don't Lie

Kevin Durant probably caused a traffic jam in announcing that he was on his way to church to give away free sneakers.

Welcome Home | Hardwood Paroxysm

We've missed you, NBA. Even your creepy Uncle David.

Harden Running for 6th Man of the Year | NewsOK

It seems like James Harden is composed and comfortable playing the 6th man role. He will be a critical asset for the Thunder down the stretch.

12 Things of NBA Christmas | CBS Sports

Featuring a mashup of your favorite Christmas tunes and the biggest questions of the season.

Time Expiring | HoopSpeak

In which Harper tries to draw a connection between the Mayan calendar and the age of the Celtics.

Official Season Predictions | CBS Sports

If Kevin Durant wins a 3rd consecutive scoring title, it will put him in rare air.

Thunder Game Preview | OKC ThunderFans

At last, game previews instead of court briefings.

The Fan Experience: No Smartphones! | Blog Maverick

Mark Cuban writes a very interesting post about his feelings toward the use of social media during games. Perhaps I'm just a curmudgeon at this point, but I tend to agree.

2011-12 Predictions | Basketball Prospectus

They're all high on OKC, but there are still some trepidations about you-know-who.

More links after the jump.

How to Judge Predictions | Wages of Wins

If you're not too much in a food coma by now, consider this evaluation of evaluations. How so very 'meta.'

Christmas Weekend Watch | Basketbawful

In which Evil Ted pines for Greg Ostertag.

Lakers Notice Clippers, Already Sick of Them | SB Nation

I'm going to enjoy this running gag all year long.

David Stern Mismanagement of the Hornets | Behind the Basket

If you think you're getting your fill of basketball halfway through the Bulls game, read this post and then resume, refreshed.

Lastly, here is a sneak peak at Durant's interview with Ahmad Rashad.

Merry Christmas, everyone.