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OKC Loud Links: Teams Getting Ready

As we agonize over the final few restless days of the pre-season, we'll be getting a heavy dosage of previews, expectations, and digs at Kobe. Also, Thunder news.

Young runs down his list of expectations for this season. He ends it with a doozy.

"He's not going to win a beauty contest" - Scott Brooks
Snark aside, every championship team needs guys like Cole Aldrich to make plays during the season that won't show up in the box score.

Prada does a great job analyzing which teams are a must for viewing experience. The Thunder lose out to the Heat Index and Lob City, but are still mandatory viewing whenever they're on TV. Unlike, say, the Bucks.

The Heat, the Bulls, and the Thunder...those are the teams with the bulls-eye on their backs. Bring it on.

Ziller takes a look at the defending champs while trying to keep Dirk Nowitzki from grabbing the microphone.

I still think back to the 1997 season, when the Celtics led the tanking parade in order to chase Tim Duncan. The Celtics ended up with the 3rd pick in a one player draft, selecting Chauncey Billups, whom they traded to the Raptors halfway through his first season.

You have to understand, Stern really doesn't care.

Carmelo Anthony is a prolific scorer, but he contends that he's also quite adept at passing the rock as well. Given that the Knicks' new PG is Baron "Woodsman" Davis, that assertion is going to be put to the test.

This is encouraging:
Tyler Hansbrough is the Pacers' best player right now - or, more accurately, he is playing better right now than anyone else - by a relatively wide margin. While that's wonderful for Tyler, who has played very well, it is an open question as to how good a team with Tyler Hansbrough as their best player can actually be.

I actually live in New Jersey, and even for me that's pushing it.

More links after the jump.

There's nothing like a Rebecca Black song to put us in full Clippers mode.

Kobe Bryant lost Chris Paul, lost Lamar Odom, lost his wife, and then lost his shooting hand. Is it a good time to pile on White Mamba? Twist my arm...

I swear, it just keeps coming.

Left off of this list is the tattoo David Stern had implanted on the back of Chris Paul's meniscus. Just marking his territory.

No, make sure you always blame owners Sarver, Allen, and Gilbert for any and all injuries.

Congratulations are in order to LeBron James, Kobe, and all the other lovably hatable guys in the league. Kris Humphries' pursuit of datazz has saved you.