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Russell Westbrook Wallpaper, Courtesy of Adam Lucas at

As you can see, Adam Lucas has returned to help gear up our computers for the new season. This time, he decided to stay away from themed Wallpapers like we were doing, and make a return to simplicity and functionality. We have the season schedule here, which can be easily checked on your desktop. Furthermore, we have two excellent pictures of Russell Westbrook. One of them is of a reckless drive to the basket, with the crowd and a few shocked faces in the background. The other is of him licking his lips after enjoying what seems to be a significant amount of ribs. If you ask me, you can't ask for more out of a Wallpaper.

Again, you can find the full Wallpaper at or by clicking this link.

Have any design ideas? Be sure to leave a comment and Adam will look into it.