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Merry Christmas, Thunder Fans: On Christmas Day at 7 PM, The Oklahoma City Thunder will Christen Chesapeake Energy Arena Against the Orlando Magic

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Eat your heart out, Cox Convention Center!
Eat your heart out, Cox Convention Center!

Via Yahoo! Sports:

Oklahoma City will host Orlando before Blake Griffin(notes) and the Los Angeles Clippers visit Golden State on Christmas night, running the NBA’s planned opening-day schedule to five games.

Those games were added Friday to the three that were already set when the 2011-12 schedule was originally unveiled: Boston at New York, Miami at Dallas, and Chicago at the Los Angeles Lakers.

Before I say anything, I'd like to give credit to Thunderus of the OKCThunderfans Forums, who reported this story way back on Tuesday.

As the title says, the game is slated to take place at 7 PM CST, and it will be the first game in the Chesapeake Energy Arena. Okay, so it won't really be the first game there, as there were many games played in the Ford Center and the Oklahoma City Arena, which are, in fact, the exact same building. But now, the building will look much nicer! And more big league! For some glorious pictures, follow the link here.

I couldn't be more psyched. You've got the traditionally good games, with the old guard of Boston against the newly assembled Knicks, a NBA Finals re-match, and Derrick Rose against Kobe. Then, you've got the Thunder against the exciting Dwight Howard and, to top it all off, Blake Griffin facing off against one of the NBA's most entertaining teams. Get your couch ready, because it's gonna be a long and excellent day of action.

What is "BRI", again?