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OKC Loud Links: Pre-Season Games Tonight

The news has quieted down in the aftermath of the Chris Paul ordeal, but there is little time to breathe - the NBA's pre-season starts TONIGHT. Five games are on the docket, and it is the first genuine NBA action we're going to see as the year winds to a close.

Rohde gives us a great reminder that one of the biggest adjustments the Thunder had made especially during the playoffs was very good, occasionally great, defense in the end of games. They need to begin games with the same focus so that they can get early leads, rather than play catch-up so much of the time.

The Chris Paul deal may become the litmus of all litmus tests as to how we see value in the NBA.

I agree with Young - the double-spin move remains the perfect encapsulation of the Russell Westbrook experience.

Berger writes that when we got the curtain pulled back on how the NBA makes sausage, it was about as enthralling as watching a political machine work, and also about as filthy.

Pointed, direct, accurate.

Celticsblog grabs some provocative quotes from commentator Stephen A. Smith, who by virtue of his close relationship with Kobe Bryant, thinks he's on edge.

Jared Wade gets in a nice long chat with Sports Illustrated's Zach Lowe, covering the fallout of the CP3 deal; check it out.

David Stern takes the pragmatic outlook at all the moving forces that interact in the NBA.

Strangely enough, I think the answer is yes. I think that this weird season is going to be overly dependent on 2 things: 1) chemistry; and 2) health. If a talented team can can keep those both in order, a path to the finals is there for the taking.

More links after the jump.

New player Lazar Hayward is a headband guy, so Mayberry takes a look around at the rest of the league. I've always been a Carmelo Anthony guy, but that Baron Davis shot is epic.

Baron Davis, 'Melo, and Amare Stoudemire all on the same team? That's quite the murderer's row of fashionista.

Former Thunder forward Jeff Green is being held out of practice due to some undisclosed health issue. Green's contract extension remains one of the bigger up-in-the-air debates for the Celtics organization.

Take a look at HS's latest show, which happens to feature SBN's very own Knicks blogger, Seth Rosenthal.

Warren Glover, former security guard, is suing the league:
He repeatedly warned his superiors that women in the office were being sexually harassed or discriminated against, but that his concerns were ignored and that he was ultimately fired for his actions on the women's behalf. He is suing the league for lost wages and damages.