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Oklahoma City Trades Robert Vaden and Two Second Round Picks For Lazar Hayward

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Via Sports Illustrated:

The Minnesota Timberwolves have traded forward Lazar Hayward to the Oklahoma City Thunder for two conditional second-round draft picks and guard Robert Vaden.

The deal was completed on Tuesday and the Wolves immediately waived Vaden to clear a roster spot to bring in free agent point guard J.J. Barea.

Welp, it looks like we finally have our answer as to who will be filling the 15th roster spot on our team. We play the Timberwolves four times in a typical season, but Lazar Hayward had only played a total of 5 minutes and 6 seconds against us, with 2 points, a rebound, and and assist. Those two points happened to be a dunk, which you can see in this video. Overall, he seems decent enough, showcasing a good array of offensive moves and decent court vision. He's capable of scoring in double-digits, but you have to take his stats from last year with a grain of salt, as the Timberwolves were a complete mess, were often playing in irrelevant games, and Lazar Hayward sometimes got garbage time minutes.

We also lost Robert Vaden in the deal, but he was immediately cut by the Timberwolves, and it wasn't likely that we would have re-signed him, anyway. He never played a minute in a Thunder uniform, and was mostly there to provide someone who could shoot threes at practice. Now, we have someone who's going to guard Durant at practice.

Okay, now that I've gotten all of the official stuff out of the way, HOW COOL is it that we have a guy named Lazar on the team?! Whether you pronounce it like "La Czar" or "Lay-Czar" or "Lazer", it's probably the best name to hit the Thunder since Saer Sene. Hayward is a cool name to go along with it too. Kind of sounds like some over the top 80s action hero name.

Thanks goes out to bbeeck for the early Fanshot.

Some thoughts from Canis Hoopus' comment section on the Lazar Hayward deal after the jump.

Lazar seems to have a similar body/game to Ron Artest – except he would be a very very poor man's version


Lazar seemed cool

but mayn i did not like him at all az a player. if dat dude wuzzint shooting a wide open three, an even at dat he wuz mediocre, he wuz useless az dis empty bag uv kill i got.


This means that

Lazar is worth more than rudy and corey combined! What have we done!!?