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Re-Branding the Oklahoma City Thunder....Again!

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You might remember a post a put up back in June talking about a re-design of the Oklahoma City Thunder. The design turned out quite well, with only a few criticisms coming from my end, notably the lack of bright colours in the uniform.

Well, Tim Gengler of the Bunny Dojo has taken the criticism and come up with an entirely new re-design. This time, he added a good dash of yellow to his design, and did a good job of blending symbolism with simplicity.

Here's the Logo he designed:


I don't know about you, but to me, this is a masterpiece. Original colour scheme? Check. Thunder-appropriate font? Check. Basketball? Check. Awesome lightning bolts? Check. Simplicity? Check.

Be sure to check out his site for the full re-design. I'll post my thoughts on the individual designs below:

Secondary Logo: Again, totally awesome. The lightning bolts from the previous logo are incorporated well, and it nicely ties our team into the whole "Thor" theme he was going for.

Home Uniform: The shorts are the best thing of all. It evokes the cartoonish uniforms the 90s were so well known for, and is original while still being simplistic. Some might argue that it's too over the top, but in my opinion, over the top is better than underwhelming. The jerseys don't jump out at you, but they're definitely something I could get used to. They also tie into the theme of the team quite nicely.

Away/Alternate Uniform: Here is where the big, BIG problem with this design comes in. While the paler yellow colour and the darker purple colour (is it blue? I don't know) might be enough to distinguish us from the Lakers in a logo or home jersey, there's no getting around the fact that our away jersey looks way too much like a Laker jersey. There's really only five legendary jersey sets in the NBA that probably won't change much, if at all, over the next 50 years: Those of the Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Spurs, and Knicks. If your team gets too close to another jersey in the NBA, it's not a huge problem, since the jersey will probably change in 5 years anyway. But when you get too close to those will be a lot harder for people to accept.

The bigger problem is that there's not much of a way to get around this. Purple and yellow are the main colours of the logo, and whichever you use will lead you to looking very Laker-like. Perhaps if one colour was used more dominantly, or the racing stripe on the side was gotten rid of.

Regardless, it's a great attempt, and I'd take this design over the Thunder design any day. In fact, I'd take it over pretty much any of today's NBA designs.

What do you think of the re-design? Vote in the poll, post a comment!