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The Kendrick Perkins Night Club Saga is Finally Over....


Kendrick Perkins on Sunday said the charges that were brought against him for an August incident in his hometown have been dropped.


The hardest thing about it is I just wasn't able to talk to the Thunder organization because of the lockout, Perkins said. So I wasn't able to explain my side. But at the end of the day, it's no use of explaining it. The charges got dismissed. I'm happy that happened. I'm trying to just move forward.

As you might know, Kendrick Perkins was previously arrested for public intoxication. Details on the arrest can be found here and here. However, he maintained innocence in the face of the charges and....that's it. We were never really treated to a conclusion of this story until now. It wouldn't make for a very good movie, but it's always nice to see an incident end with nobody involved getting in any drama. And it's nice to see that some stupid court battle won't be distracting Perk throughout the season.

The best part about this is that Kendrick Perkins doesn't want to start any drama, and plays it off pretty low-key. He doesn't want to accuse anybody of anything, and is just glad the charges are dropped. The incident was pretty minor in the first place, so either way, it's no big deal.