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The Official Kevin Durant Lockout Mixtape, Via

Check out Hoop Mixtape's Channel and Their Website

I don't smoke pot, and I never will. But I swear, sitting back in a chair and zoning out to this insane Kevin Durant mixtape has to be equal to or better than getting high. Sick beats, and one of the game's greatest players effortlessly doing what he does best. Threes going down like layups. Dunks looking as effortless as opening a door. A bunch of opponents who simply don't know what to do. And a crowd that's always pleased.

If anyone, and I mean ANYONE ever tells you that basketball isn't an art form, or that basketball is something that's followed only by soulless jocks, just show them this video. It doesn't necessarily prove them wrong, but it symbolizes everything I love about the game. Someone pushing his game to the maximum level and having a whole bunch of fun while he's at it.