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Kendrick Perkins is Now on Twitter! Hilarity Ensues....

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Yep, Kendrick Perkins has finally joined Twitter, meaning the only remaining Thunder player that needs to get one is....yeah, I think he was the last one.

His Twitter membership was announced yesterday with the following declaration:
im finally on twitter the real big perk wats the deal my gangstas its goin down
He then proceeded to self-promote himself, even attacking KD for not helping him do so:
nigga i just called ya tall ass and told u to follow me dont make me line that shit up in the morning at practice lol
its about time u follow ya boy tell coach brooks im bringing them gloves in the a.m we go line that up lol
KD Fired back:
man u gon have to see me tomorrow dawg! I'm tired of u and your shananigans
But Perk knew his place:
lil homie if i do something to u okc thunder will have me on the first thing smoking up out of here lol
i hope everybody know that im not just KD friend and teammate im his full time bodyguard lol but im so serious
He also declared that he was a Cowboy fan:
let me let yall know if u not a cowboy fan dont follow me lol see yall in the super bowl greenbay
But his criticism didn't stop with KD. He moved on talk about Eric Maynor's profile "pick":
and wats up with this twitter pick you know we keep hood but u lookin like a limo driver lol
u know i know that u one of the playas in this world u know u my lil homie
He also had various questions for the Twitter community:
i have another question if my right nipple is bigger than my left do that make me handicap lmao
keep it real who look better ME or Forest Whitaker
At times, he was even downright nonsensical:
i need to let yall know how real i am if i tell yall a duck can pull a truck yall better hook that mother up yall me
The rest was mainly shoutouts and thanking his supporters.

With all honesty, I must say that Kendrick Perkins' Twitter is a gift upon this world. After learning Thabo Sefolosha's Twitter is totally fake, it's nice to see a Twitter that's just a totally real outpour of a player's emotions, and a Twitter that gives you even the slightest insight into the personalities of the OKC locker room. I could easily see Perk being the guy who comes up to you and asks what the heck is up with something, but then immediately backing down and acting like your friend. Or him making some really strange statements that are treated as passe because he's just Perk. Of course, this Twitter feed will probably become more controlled over time, but for now, this is easily the best Thunder Twitter feed.