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Kevin Durant and LeBron James Play Flag Football, LeBron Wins

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Via The Morning Animals Facebook Page and Fox Sports Florida:

Apparently, there was a game featuring "Team LeBron" and "Team Durant" yesterday. The above video only shows the guys messing around at the university of Akron before the game, and destroying some inferior athletes. At 2:00, Durant drops a mostly catchable pass, saddening the hearts of Oklahoma City fans worldwide. But then, LeBron misses a pass at 2:55, evening things out. It was clear things would have to be decided during that night's game....which went a little something like this: (Read the rest at Fox Sports Florida)

In the fourth quarter, it was Durant who stole the spotlight with a 105-yard interception return of his own to cut the lead to 63-56 with 10:31 to play, and after a defensive stop by Team Durant, Tony Durant's touchdown pass to Diamond Avery tied the game at 63-63 with 1:21 to play.

Unfortunately for Team Durant, it left too much time on the clock, and McGee threw his 10th and final touchdown pass of the night — this one a 44-yarder to Nichols — with 30 seconds to go to give Team LeBron a 70-63 lead.

A 36-yard pass on Team Durant's next play moved the ball into Team LeBron territory with just less than 20 seconds left in the game, but James' acrobatic interception on a pass over the middle with 13 seconds left sealed the win for his team.

Oh well, I guess you can't have everything. Supposedly LeBron was "clearly" the best player on the field, and the win was well deserved on his end. It's not surprising, given that LeBron is shorter, more musclar, and played football in high school, getting several scholarship offers from top Division I schools. Kevin Durant is more purpose-built for basketball, having a thin and athletic body with a monster wingspan.

Could LeBron play in the NFL today? Almost certainly. He'd need a few months to work on specific football skills, but his athleticism alone could land him a spot somewhere on a team. Of course, that's just my opinion, and it means nothing in the context of the NBA. And the NBA is most important, because we all know Durant is the better player in that league. (*wink*)