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Sam Presti Likely to Buy Out Nate Robinson's Contract

Via J. Michael Falgoust's Twitter and ThunderGirlsRockMySoxOff of the OKCThunderFans Forum:

Nate Robinson will be bought out by #Thunder so he can become free agent. They tried to do this before the lockout. Working on it now #nba

... Robinson wants playing time.He averaged 3.3 pts and only played 4 games w/ #Thunder #nba

Comeon, you know it was in the back of your mind. Nate Robinson did a good job of being a team player and all, but going from being the highest scorer on the Knicks to being little more than a benchwarmer in a year and a half had to be wearing on him, at least a little bit. There will always be jobs out there for someone like him, no matter what some may think of his skills. He's a great marketing tool, and can always serve as a sideshow for a bad team.

Still, it's regrettable that we didn't get to use him in a larger capacity. Maynor was already out backup point guard, and even though Robinson can score like any Shooting Guard, he can't defend like one, owing to his short size. So he sat as a third stringer on the bench, and will mostly be known in Oklahoma City for airballing threes in garbage time, doing a horrible job of guarding Jose Juan Barea, being really excited on the bench, and peeing in front of a Barnes and Noble.

While none of those things are great basketball-wise, he was still a great guy off of the court, and he can still find success in the NBA. Farewell Nate, we'll miss you.

More intriguing is what we might have in store for that extra roster spot. Is a free agent signing in the works? A Trade? Only time will tell.