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Kevin Durant and LeBron James: Striving for Greatness

LeBron James just released a new video today that features he and Kevin Durant engaging in some high-intensity workouts. Take a look:

A few comments:

  • Durant keeps up well with LeBron, despite being a little bit taller and not having LeBron's low center of gravity or muscular base. You can see that Durant is focusing on staying low when he's taking the ball off the dribble, which should help both in both his quickness as well as his need to cut down on turnovers.
  • We can snark all we want about LeBron James and his various struggles in things like leadership and high pressure performance, but one thing that should be clear after watching this video is that he is one of the finest physical specimens in pro sports today.
  • We fans of Durant should be ecstatic in watching a video like this, because it is a direct answer to our biggest concerns about Durant - that he is not yet strong enough or physical enough to deal with the best NBA defenders (Tony Allen in particular). He knows it too and is doing something about it.
  • Unfortunately there isn't any footage of some one-on-one play against LeBron, but I would be surprised if there weren't a few games where they went head-to-head. We also know that Durant has worked out with Blake Griffin as well. Since both Griffin and James are much stronger and more physical than Durant, it looks as if Durant understands how training with players such as these can catapult him into the next level of greatness.
  • While Durant's arms and legs are still spindly and his chest is as flat as a board, it does appear that Durant is filling out in the shoulders and upper back, which should definitely help him in getting his shot off against stronger defenders.
  • I can only hope that this type of workout is the norm for Durant during this time away from competition and not simply a promo. Because if it is part of his normal workout routine, then I think we're going to see a very different Durant when the players finally take the court again.