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OKC Loud Links: Weekend Ultimatum Roundup

David Stern took to the microphones over the weekend to essentially declare that we have a new drop-dead date of November 9. The players have said that they're not going to take it. The players really need to stop tipping their hand.

Hey, even Deron Williams agrees with me.

It looks like bulldog lawyer Kessler is back in the mix.

Here is another good rundown on the dilemma the players face. If we consider the league as a single entity, certain players will still get paid regardless of where they are located.

Sheridan writes that the money is close, but fairness is not. 

Ziller writes that if the Union does not comply with the Wednesday ultimatum, the dreaded hard cap may be back on the table for the owners, which means that the players' major negotiating win many months ago would be all for naught. 

This is a bit wonky, but if you want to understand the potential impact of the luxury tax tweakings, give this a read.

"The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ziller comes again with a handy ven diagram.

More links after the jump.

Young writes that David Stern's ultimatum, while smelly from a player point of view, is yet another way in which Stern the negotiator has proven his superiority. He always presses, and he sees his target wavering. 

A final examination on various markets' success not only financially, but on the court as well.

I too remember the day in which Magic Johnson announced that he was HIV positive, and like everybody else, I had no idea what it meant. Magic probably didn't either, which is why he was able to essentially re-define his existence after the fact.

Apropos of nothing, Chris Paul and his family appeared on Family Feud. Also apropos of nothing, here is the greatest answer ever provided by an NBA player.