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OKC Loud Links: Legal Doom

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The Union executives met yesterday, and while it appeared that things went cordially rather than divisively, decertification is back on the table in a big way.

50 Players Considering Dissolution of Union | NY Times

The players have had this nuclear option at their disposal for six months now, and only at this point are they considering using it. Unfortunately, it is about six months too late. To detonate it now means essentially the loss of the season. 

Hard-Line Factions Threaten a Deal | NY Times

The meetings resume tomorrow, Saturday morning.

Players Light Up the Torches | SB Nation

Ziller is right - the players who want to take the league to court must do so with a better sense of preparation than they have now. Legal action has to be a proactive battle plan, not a reactionary measure. This isn't going to end well.

Owners to Meet Prior to CBA Negotiations | CBS Sports

Berger writes that a full Board of Governors meeting is scheduled before labor talks are to resume tomorrow at 10AM.

Why the Players Will Cave | Grantland

I'm not sure why exactly, but these Grantland 'economic' posts are starting to bug me, because while they're well written and informative, they don't give us anything new that we haven't already read 30 times already in the past six months. Although, maybe that's the thing; most NBA fans haven't been following this story for the past six months. 

Paul Pierce: The Newest Ring Leader? | CelticsBlog

Paul Pierce has come to the forefront as of late to stand behind the players' position. Is he holding things up or holding the line?

More links after the jump.

Labor Negotiations Teetering on Disaster | Sports Illustrated

Lowe writes that the players may be too late, but also that we knew as far back as October that the NLRB may not even allow decertification.

Hardline Owners Could Send Things into Tail-Spin | Ball Don't Lie

Michael Jordan is a notorious competitor, but there isn't anything about his position as a small market owner that is unique to his perspective.

Channing Frye: When You Figure it Out, Give me a Call | Sports Radio Interviews

I like Channing Frye's honesty, and I do believe that this is probably the position most of the players hold.

Larry Brown Wants Back into the NBA | Ball Don't Lie

I happen to love Larry Brown the coach, but Larry Brown the professional leaves much to be desired. If a team chases him, here is some advice - sign him to a one year contract.

NBA Outsourcing: Week 4 | Hardwood Paroxysm

Schiller gives us an update on the rocky road that is Israeli basketball.