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Sam Presti was offered Jeff Green and Rajon Rondo for Kendrick Perkins and Russell Westbrook?

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Chris Broussard tweeted an interesting failed trade proposal that Celtics president Danny Ainge reportedly offered the Oklahoma City Thunder after last season.

According to Broussard, the C's offered the Thunder point guard Rajon Rondo and forward Jeff Green in exchange for point guard Russell Westbrook and center Kendrick Perkins.


Is there doubt in the minds of anyone that Boston knows it made a mistake with this deal? The pieces were valued correctly, and it might have been the right thing to do for a team overloaded with centers. But the Celtics are a team that desperately needs/needed a solid option at center, and relying on the O'Neals or a defensive softie like Krstic isn't the way to go. Now they've got Jeff Green lost in the rotation behind Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, they lost one of the best backup guards in the league in Nate Robinson, and they just let Nenad Krstic float over to CSKA Moscow.

Fortunately, the NBA allows teams to say "no backsies", and the trade offer was rejected. Oklahoma City and Presti would have to be insane to take that offer, which would pretty much solidify us as either a small team or a team with Nazr Mohammed starting at center. Either way, we would have a myriad of roster problems, plus we would lose a great amount of scoring from Westbrook. Essentially, we'd be a great defensive team that can't defend the paint, and a team that has the leagues best scorer but with no one to help him.

If I knew this before Thanksgiving, I'd be thankful for the fact that our General Manager knows what he's doing.