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Serge Ibaka To Play His Last Game With Real Madrid on Thursday, Thabo Sefolosha to do the Same For Fenerbahce Ulker

Via Olimpiablog (Roughly Translated):

It will, however, Serge Ibaka of the game: he had just made ​​his debut against the Emporio Armani EA7-Caja Magica in the race and will last effort with Real, before returning to the United States by the end of the NBA lockout.

Sarà, invece, della partita Serge Ibaka: aveva esordito proprio contro l'EA7-Emporio Armani nella gara della Caja Magica e sarà all'ultimo impegno con il Real, prima di fare ritorno negli Stati Uniti per la fine del lockout NBA .

It's looking like Serge Ibaka will have one last hurrah in Italy. I will be in attendance for this game, so expect full coverage of the event. The game isn't especially important for Real Madrid, given that they have pretty much locked up advancement. However, Milan is in a must-win situation, and will most likely have Danilo Gallinari playing his last game as well. Hopefully Ibaka will get more burn than he's gotten previously, so he can show all of Europe that he's got skills.

Via BallinEurope:

Coming soon (maybe): Euroleague games featuring final turns by Thabo Sefolosha with Fenerbahçe Ülker, Ty Lawson with Žalgiris Kaunas, and Nikola Pekovic with Partizan Belgrade, among others.

It's looking like Thabo Sefolosha will make his final stand at home against Olympiakos, in what could be a very important game in determining whether Fenerbahce Ulker advances out of Group A. They are currently 3-3, with two games to be played in a four-way tie for second, with only four teams of six advancing.