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OKC Loud Links: Sorting Through the Flotsam and Jetsam

Now that we're all relatively sure that a season is eminent, we can start our pre-season ritual of examining teams, potential trades, free agency, and team potential. Thanks for all of you who stuck with us through the bleak lockout-season, and I hope that you found some of our lockout and Euroleague content informative and fun to read.

Breaking Down the Changes in the CBA | ESPN

I linked to this definitive piece by Larry Coon yesterday, but if you missed it, it's critical reading to understanding the new landscape. 

20 Questions Remaining | SB Nation

Ziller pontificates on a number of remaining outstanding issues that must be resolved in order for this thing to be put to bed. I think Ziller is right - Jim Quinn can basically print his own money at this point.

Each Team's Salary Position Going Into Free Agency | Blazers Edge

Yeoman's work here, describing each team's financial position heading into this attenuated free agency season. Read through this one in its entirety.

Players, Owners May Still Run Into Some Problems | Sports Illustrated

The league isn't out of the woods yet, as they must navigate some delicate negotiating and legal maneuvers to bring the NBA back to its fanbase.

The NBA Is Back! | Grantland

The Grantland staff weighs in on having the NBA back again. You can add your own stories to this one and they're every bit as valid, underscoring one of the things that makes being a sports fan so great.

NBA Owners Win Big | Wall Street Journal

"It's not exactly the same as it's always been, but it's closest to that than something new-this is not a seismic shift," said Tom Penn, a former Portland Trailblazers executive and a salary-cap expert. "The system still favors aggressive owners who are in go-for-it mode. It will just cost them more."

Knicks Are First Choice for Chris Paul | CBS Sports

I'm not really a Knicks fan, but I am a Carmelo Anthony fan and it would be interesting to see if the tenacious Chris Paul could help elevate 'Melo's game to where it should be.

Lakers to Chase CP3 and Howard? | Sheridan Hoops

Yet another reason to dislike the Lakers. I actually wouldn't mind if Dwight Howard ended up there (it seems pretty natural, actually) but Chris Paul? No, no, a thousand times, no.

The End of the Stakeout | ESPN

There is little that is less exciting than a reporter writing about reporting, but Abbott does a good job in capturing the profound silliness of the lockout season. In fact, if you followed these guys on Twitter, you knew exactly when one of them would call for the nightly pizza run.

Byron Mullens Balling in the Big House | NewsOK

Byron Mullens has also had an eventful offseason. However, instead of hooping at Rucker Park, he's been getting runs in at Ross Correctional Institute in Ohio.

More links after the jump.

Each Team To Play Two Pre-Season Games | CBS Sports

See, not everything turned out bad because of the lockout.

Free Agent Power Forwards | Wages of Wins

WoW begins its examination of the best of the free agent class, starting with power forwards.

Things To Do Before the New CBA | Hardwood Paroxysm

So far, so good.

TBJ Goes CSI | The Basketball Jones

These guys.