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Kevin Durant is Recruiting Shane Battier

Shane Battier, a veteran role player who made a significant impact on the Memphis Grizzlies' playoff run last season, is a free agent. Battier offers a wide array of positives, ranging from his outside shooting to his defensive prowess to his locker room leadership abilities. He is one of the more cerebral players in the league who has a strong sense of both team concept and his personal place in the game. He'd also make for a great addition to the Thunder

Mr. Everyman Kevin Durant is on the case.


While the notion of Battier joining the Thunder remains unlikely, due in part to the fact that the OKC roster is jam packed and because Battier will likely have myriad suitors and the potential for a big payday, the thought of Battier in Thunder colors is tempting. However, if there was one veteran player in the league who might be willing to forego more money in order to join a championship idea, it just might be Battier.