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OKC Loud Links: New CBA Roundup

We hope that your Thanksgiving holiday (or as our Raptors friends call it, "Thursday") was a great one. The players and owners finally did their part, agreeing to a new CBA in the wee hours of Saturday morning. They hammered out a deal, and while some of the particulars still remain, it does appear that a collective sigh of relief has settled across the landscape. Let's try to get caught up, as today's links will be heavy on the "what's inside the new CBA" motif.

Winners and Losers | CBS Sports

Golliver runs down the list to see who comes out ahead and who comes out behind. This facet should not surprise you:

Over the next six years, the owners succeeded in shifting more than 1 billion dollars into their pockets by negotiating their share of the Basketball-Related Income split from 43 percent in the old deal to a 49 percent to 51 percent band in the new deal. That number could grow to more than 2 billion if both parties agree to continue the deal through to its full 10-year length.

What's In the Deal and How it Got Done | CBS Sports

For the most part, the players came out of this lockout in a good place. Well, except for the fact that they had to turn over about a billion dollars to the owners. 

The New Mid-Level Exception Explained | Sports Illustrated

A source close to the situation explains that the new Mid-Level Exception poses some interesting tweaks to the system. Go and read Lowe's real life example to help get your arms around it. At the moment I kind of like it, because it forces teams to make better decisions about their players.

Poof! Goes the Bad Contract | NY Times

Beck examines how the new amnesty clause might impact teams. In short, the hype about the clause may have been all sizzle, no steak.

Billy Hunter's Memo to Players | ESPN

I think Stein accidentally clipped off the end of the memo, which probably reads, "Also, my invoice for legal services provided should be reaching you via 1st class mail (COD) shortly."

Russell Westbrook, Entire 2008 Draft Class, Eligible for Higher Max Contracts | SB Nation

A new wrinkle that could have an interesting ripple effect rewards rookie scale players who make All-Star and All-NBA teams in their first four seasons. As a result, Russell Westbrook has the chance to make more money.

Post Lockout FAQ | Daily Thunder

Young writes up a handy guide that you can stick in your pocket when your casual NBA fan-friends ask you what is going on with the NBA.

NBA Already Blew It With Schedule | NewsOK

Rhode writes that the NBA missed a great opportunity by only scheduling three games on Christmas Day, which is the likely start of the new season.

New Deal Likely Means Less (Not More) Competitive Balance | Behind the Basket

Blott argues that while the owners fought to balance out the level of competition, they may have accomplished the opposite. Such is life when you try to over-regulate things.

While They're At It | Basketball Prospectus

Wow, I had no idea that Mark Jackson is still officially an active player, even as he is the head coach of the Warriors.

More links after the jump.

It's the Little Things in Life | HoopSpeak

Any post that kicks off with a mug shot of Nick Nolte gets an automatic link from me.

Lockout Positive: The End of the Lockout? | Basketbawful

I really hope that sponge bath is NOT televised.

Globetrotters and Dude Perfect: Bro-Perfect | Ball Don't Lie

Unlike Kim and Kris, some people are truly made for each other.

NBA Lockout 2: How U Boogaloo

Even Roger Mason, Jr. can smile today.

Raindrops on Roses | Hardwood Hype

Only the end of a lockout could make a salty NBA fan invoke musicals that involve the Nazi's. 

10 Things to Know About the 2011 D-League Season |

The D-League tips off this coming Friday night, and the games will feature a number of players that have NBA experience. The Thunder own the Tulsa 66ers, and OKC will continue to utilize their team to the fullest.

NBA Basketball: Give and Go | BBall Breakdown

Coach Nick announces that he has a new Youtube channel. Here's hoping that he gives us another analytical outlet along side Sebastian Pruiti