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NBA Lockout: Derek Fisher Headed to NYC; Who Picked Up the Phone?

This Thanksgiving evening, NBPA president Derek Fisher got onto a plane and flew to New York City to re-engage in settlement talks with the owners. If we were still in the month of September, this might not seem that unusual a scenario. However, with the union having disclaimed interest last week, Adrian Wojnarowski is asking the question, is this a set-up?

Fisher to Rejoin NBA's Labor Talks | Yahoo! Sports

The risk is that David Stern may be trying to demonstrate that the disclaimer of interest really is a sham, since the players are still acting as a union. As Woj notes, the players feel that it may be an opportunity, although fraught with risk, that cannot be passed up.

What changed? Is it the addition of Jim Quinn? The benching of Jeffrey Kessler? A shift on system issues? Time will tell.