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OKC Loud Links: Players Attempt the Federal Court Head-Fake

NBA players originally filed their lawsuits in Minnesota and California. In the equivalent of a wicked Russell Westbrook crossover, the players withdrew their California complaint last night and consolidated it with their Minnesota complaint. Beware the shaky ankles, NBA. 

NBA Players Move Case to Minnesota | ESPN

The players' lawyers assure us that this is a good thing. Maybe so, but then why file in California in the first place?

Boies Waivers on Whether He'll Call NBA | Sheridan Hoops

I kind of enjoyed this tete-a-tete between lead attorney David Boies and Sheridan, because Sheridan actually asks reporter-type questions rather than just accept what he's being told.

Boies Planning to Call? | HoopsWorld

Perhaps one of the undersold elements of our texting generation is that we don't have to audibly listen to 14 year old boys and girls argue over who is going to call whom first.

NBPA Withholding Licensing Fees to Pay Boies | CBS Sports

David Boies, the lead attorney who collects about a thousand dollars for sitting down to have lunch with you, is getting paid from the players' licensing fees that they would have received from jersey sales, trading cards, and the like. 

Small Business Owners Getting Squeezed | CNBC

Even the ladies of the night are feeling the pinch from the lockout. 

How Did the NBA Come to This? | NPR

Bethlehem Shoals notes that over extended time, the owners' position grows stronger while the players' grows weaker.

Why System Changes Won't Prevent Bad Contracts | Ball Don't Lie

Another way to put this is, you cannot legislate away bad judgment.

Durant Back on the Bench in Texas |

Kevin Durant spent some time behind the Texas Longhorns bench. Despite having only spent a single year in Texas, Durant remains steadfast in his devotion to the program.

More links after the jump.

Harvard Business School Features Class on LeBron | Ball Don't Lie

Regardless of how snarky I want to be in regards to this story, the fact remains that people have to make business decisions about valuable commodities all the time, and it is always instructive to look at case studies in what goes right and what goes wrong. I am curious though as to whether LeBron James' team will sit in on the class and honestly listen to what is said about their missteps.

Mystery Man and the Magic Man | HoopSpeak

Ervin "Magic" Johnson was worthy of his nickname. When I watch old footage like this (or of Jordan, or Bird, or Maravich), I can only sum it up thus - the ball does what these men want it to do. In contrast, the ball only sometimes does what I want it to.

The Next Step in Advanced Stats | Sports Illustrated

Rob Mahoney of The Two Man Game offers his analysis of where basketball advanced metrics are heading. The next big challenge is defensive metrics.

Rajon Rondo Throws an Off the Head Alley-Oop | CBS Sports

Rajon Rondo, doing Rajon Rondo things.

LeBron: I Miss the Boos | CBS Sports

LeBron, sitting in front of a wall filled with many leather-bound books and Vitamin Water.