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OKC Loud Links: Sitting On Our Hands

In my scan of this past weekend's various news wires, very little new information at all popped up concerning the lockout. The players filed their lawsuit, and the owners seem content to stand pat over Thanksgiving week. 

I sure do wish I had my own anonymous source. If you are one, feel free to email me anonymously. I won't tell anyone.

Young leads a discussion on possible expectations for the newest Thunder player, Reggie Jackson. While their estimations are probably correct, I'm still holding out hope that he becomes James Harden's backup.

Kendrick Perkins returned to Boston to play in a charity game, and according to Rhode, received a bigger pop from the crowd than either Rajon Rondo or Paul Pierce

David Aldridge makes a plea to President Clinton to step in and help negotiate the lockout. Well, maybe. Is Paul Allen afraid of the former president?

Often considered the dark years of the 90's when Jordan was retired, we should not forget that the league was still loaded with star power. Skinny Shaq was an amazing sight to behold, sort of like the current version of Dwight Howard.

The Nets have been moribund for so long that you almost forget that they once featured Jason Kidd and Vince Carter working together. Also, Kidd leading this franchise to two Finals appearances might be one of the greatest attributes to his greatness as anything.

Should we worry when NBA fans start to feel a bit 'emo?'

Before rejecting the notion outright, don't forget that not so long ago, WWE head honcho Vince McMahon started his own professional football league.  If Mr. McMahon can start a pro league himself that has far more working parts than a pro basketball game, why not Larry Ellison? 

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Pruiti breaks down the challenge of defending Kobe Bryant in a pick and roll set play. I wonder what is more dangerous - the earlier day Kobe that could attack the rim at will but had a suspect jumper, or the current version whose shot is much more consistent.

Sure, why not go back to some black and white footage? 

I don't think I ever would have considered Marcus Camby to be an identifying character in my desire to have the NBA back, but yeah, there he is.

the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State rape scandal has effected some NBA players as well, former center John Amechi in particular. Amechi played basketball at Penn State and actually volunteered for Sandusky's "Second Mile" program. It reminds me a bit of former NFL player Lavar Arrington's words, where he could only lament how ashamed and empty he felt after learning of the allegations. 

Since this is an NBA site and not a political site, I'll leave this one to you without comment.