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Loud City Debuts on Breakthrough Radio to Discuss NBA Lockout

This past Wednesday, I was invited to call into the Breakthrough Radio Show at the request of Seth Pollack, who is SB Nation's regional sports editor for Arizona and also runs the Suns' site, Bright Side of the Sun. The radio show normally airs on 1010AM in Arizona.

We took the opportunity to discuss the CBA lockout, but more specifically, the players' lawsuit that was filed on Monday.

11/16/11 NBA Lockout Talk | Breakthrough Radio

I jump in about 41 minutes in, but be sure to listen to the entire broadcast. The show's first guest was the great Ben Golliver, who is an actual bona fide sports reporter for CBS Sports. He also runs the great SB Nation Blazers Edge blog, so his take and input on the situation is well worth listening to.

Thanks to Seth for inviting me on, and hopefully I don't bore you all to tears as I warbled on in my droll yet semi-uninspiring legalese.