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OKC Loud Links: Procedural Steps

Hopefully you didn't observe the players' lawsuit this week and say to yourself, "all right, here we go!" because it is just the start of a long, drawn-out process that isn't going to be resolved any time soon. If there is one thing that lawyers do well, it is take their sweet time to milk the process. 

The Offer That Should Have Been Accepted | ESPN

Abbott argues that the owners have put the season at risk chasing something that may not even be possible - that illusive idea of competitive balance. 

Former NBPA Boss: Wrong Tactics | CBS Sports

Charles Grantham, who occupied Billy Hunter's chair from '88-95, argues that the entire approach to the lockout has been bad.

"My philosophy was to keep the guys working, because they lose income that's not recoverable...They're employees. They're not partners. ... Let's not get this twisted, (players) don't sit in the boardroom."

Why Owners Are Worse Than They Think They Are | Wages of Wins

This post points toward a larger truth - the best franchises seem to be the ones where the owners understand that their job is to 'own,' and they hire talented executives to do the things they are good at, a la Sam Presti.

Why Players Make So Much Dough | SB Nation

Ziller reaches back to his high school days to help us understand a little better the nature of supply and demand for NBA entertainment. 

What If There Is No Overseas? | Hardwood Paroxysm

One of the angles that the players have taken in their negotiating tactics is to argue that they have overseas options to which they can go to, in order to put pressure on the owners. However, is this really true?

Duran: Kendrick Perkins Helped Me Become a Better Leader | HoopsHype

Kevin Durant was challenged by Kendrick Perkins to become more of a team leader, and Durant has responded. What is amazing is that Durant not only responded to his own team, but the entire league as well.

Blake Griffin is Funny When He Sells Cars | Ball Don't Lie

Maybe, perhaps, his whole Funny or Die internship is actually a, you know, internship.

Durant Still in Talks With German Team | ESPN

Durant is still talking to the German team BBC Bayreuth about playing there during the lockout. I wonder how that might impact his future flag football games.

Wade Kisses the Ring | CBS Sports

Dwyane Wade pledged loyalty to Michael Jordan, despite MJ's most recent hard-line stance. It isn't difficult to understand why. 

GM's Served With Papers in Suit | CBS Sports

Not to be too snarky, but I fail to see how this normal procedural step is either "interesting" or a "wrinkle." The only thing it tells me is that the players are still unorganized.

The Eurofile: Week 5 | SB Nation

Rohan of At the Hive is doing double duty now, giving us some great analysis on the events transpiring in the Euroleague.

NBA Outsourcing: Week 6 | Hardwood Paroxysm

Schiller continues his recounting of the Israeli basketball league.

Union and League Lawyers Have Complicated History | Ball Don't Lie

Interesting, but kind of a stretch.