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OKC Loud Links: Power of Attorneys

With the NBA lockout now entering the legal phase (alert John Grisham!) we the spectators get to go from the moribundity of financial analysis to the metastasis of legal analysis.  If we want our NBA back, we're going to have to earn it.

Players Sue Owners for Antitrust Violation | CBS Sports

"I will give the devil their due. They did a terrific job of taking a very hard line and pushing the players to make concession after concession after concession. Greed is not only a terrible thing, it's a dangerous thing. By overplaying their hand, by pushing the players beyond any line of reason, I think they caused this." - David Boies

Suits Filed; Settlements to Follow? | Sports Illustrated

The best-case scenario now for the hope of a season is in the chances that the players' legal action will spur both parties to return to the negotiating table. Lowe uncovers a few additional nuggets as well from his parsing of the Callifornia lawsuit.

Durant Taking Flak For Lockout | Hoopsworld

Early on, Kevin Durant was pilloried for being out of touch with the negotiations. He took that to heart, got involved, and became one of the faces representing the players' position. Result? He gets pilloried again. Durant wants to be a leader and works to be one; unfortunately, this is the sort of byproduct that he will have to endure.

NBA Games Canceled Through December 15 | ESPN

You weren't planning on watching those games anyway, were you?

For Players, It Has Become Emotional | CBS SPorts

Young notes that Billy Hunter has said that this negotiation/fight has become a "moral" issue. That moral attachment may prove to be the players' downfall.

After Disclaiming, Players in Sticky Territory | CBS Sports

It seems to me like it would be a good idea to move Billy Hunter far away from these proceedings, lest the 'sham' argument start to take hold.

Gunman Opens Fire at a Chelsea Club | Daily News

A number of pro athletes, including Russell Westbrook, were at the Juliet Supper Club in NYC when a gunman opened fire and killed one and injured two. 

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There is Still Time | CelticsBlog

Jeff Clark is holding onto hope, and he may be right in that what the owners need to do is give the players a "moral victory" to hang onto in order to save face.

Disconnected Phone Numbers Kept Players from the Truth | Ball Don't Lie

"It's not hard for people to get the information...It's all about if they really, really want it or not." - Shannon Brown

Mike Miller's Daughter Takes Turn for the Better | Ball Don't Lie

Mike MIller's little girl Jaelyn has a congenital heart defect that has kept her on the precipice of survival. Hopefully this good news will be followed by more.

Vince Carter Led His Marching Band | CBS Sports

Cue clever retort about Vince Carter finally leading in something.