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OKC Loud Links: Lockout Optimism is Scarce

The fallout from yesterday's news, announcing the NBPA decertification via disclaimer of interest, continues to ripple through the landscape. David Stern has said the season is in jeopardy, and that is no joke. Even under the best case scenario, now that the legal mechanizations have begun the window is extremely small. 

Season in Jeopardy, All is Not Lost | Sports Illustrated

The last little anecdote at the end is interesting. According to agent Marc Fleisher, Stern finally made a mistake in these negotiations by issuing an ultimatum. Conversely, the players made their first mistake came at the very beginning when they seemed to think that the NBA and NBPA were on the same side.

Billy Hunter Explains Disclaimer | CBS Sports

Former Union head Billy Hunter explained in a letter what the decertification means:

"We will now function as a trade association to assist and support NBA players, but we will no longer engage in collective bargaining with the NBA owners...The Players Association will instead dedicate itself to supporting individual NBA players in the assertion of your non-labor rights to be free of any illegal restrictions on competition for your services."

Stern: We Negotiated in Good Faith, Season in Jeopardy |

David Stern issued a statement yesterday, and he has his new enemy - Jeffrey Kessler.

The Legal Issues Behind the Lockout | Huffington Post

I linked to this story before, but it is worth re-reading now that the legal proceedings have begun. Until another attorney (Lester Munson, for example) steps in and does it better, this in-depth and informative post should act as your guideline.

Union Didn't Let Players Vote, and That's OK | Ball Don't Lie

The players never got to vote on the last proposal. Is that the sign of a properly functioning Union, or is that a failure on the part of Union leaders to listen to their constituency? 

Union Makes Big Move Without Polling Members | ESPN

Lawyers, pounding the table.

Derek Fisher Issues Gag Order, Players Tweet Instead | SB Nation

Good luck with that, Derek Fisher.

The Boys Who Cried Wolf | CelticsBlog

Something doesn't seem to ad up, which makes this entire ordeal irrational. 

More links after the jump.

Owners: It's Not About You and Never Will Be | HoopSpeak

Mason writes that this process has had a clarifying effect as to the motivation of the league ownership. 

Winners and Losers | Hardwood Paroxysm

Psych. There are no winners.

Owners Have No Hope of Solving Money Problems | Wages of Wins

Let's start with the simple equation: profits = revenues - costs, and go from there.

The Airing of Grievances | Daily Thunder

Young is pretty depressed. He's actually listening to Sara McLachlan. 

Glad to See This CBA Rejected | HoopSpeak

Strauss argues that the most recent proposal seems to act as protection against the worst owner rather than a reward for the smartest one. 

These Are Moments: The Miami Heat | Hardwood Hype

Next up are some of the great Heat plays of the past few years. Up first is a microcosm - LeBron James misses, Dwyane Wade finishes.

NBPA Got Jokes | Ball Don't Lie

A grim smirk.