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NBA Lockout: Players Reject New Proposal, Move to Decertify; Season on the Brink

News is breaking now over various news sites as well as Twitter. The players rejected the owners' latest proposal this afternoon, and have stated that it is now their intention to decertify via disclaimer of interest. Details are scant at this time, so here are some of the best NBA reporters giving their take on some of the ramifications:

Players Reject Owners' Offer | ESPN

  • The players have rejected the deal and will file for decertification. The vote was unanimous.
  • Billy Hunter filed a disclaimer of interest, which means that the union has renounced its interest in representing the players in this CBA. The players will stop being a union and become a trade association.
  • Hunter will likely become president of the new trade association. 
  • For some good background on how disclaimer of interest works and the potential fallout, check out this sports attorney's exhaustive and informative explanation.
  • Agents desired a regular decertification, not a disclaimer of interest. As a result of choosing this latter option, the case would likely be heard in New York, and the players will not be able to select a more labor-friendly state like California. 
  • The players have hired David Boies as the lead attorney to represent them against the owners. Boies was the man who handled the NFL's decertification.
  • David Stern's appearance where he responds to the players' announcement:


My prediction: the final hope for a season lies in whether this disclaimer of interest move shocks the owners. If the owners suddenly realize they pushed too hard and capitulate a bit to re-open negotiations, there may be something left. Short of this type of capitulation that brings parties back to the negotiating table, the season is likely done. Even with the expedited nature of disclaimer of interest, the legal process for the filing of anti-trust claims will not likely move quickly enough to get us to a conclusion by January. 

Alex Kennedy: Text from veteran player: "Why didn't we do this months ago? This is ridiculous."

Yeah, exactly.