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OKC Loud Links: Will the Players Go for the New Proposal?

The proposal is out there, it is being discussed, and the question now is whether the NBPA will even allow it to come up for a vote.

Player Tweets Offer Bleak Outlook | Sports Illustrated

Lowe grabbed a few of the players' reactions to the official proposal over the weekend. They are not amused.

NBA Hosts Twitter Session, Kind of backfires | SB Nation

The league too took to the Twitter waves to try and address concerns from both players and fans alike. The problem with this format of course is that it is an impossible PR battle to win.

NBA Says it Could Void All Contracts | CBS Sports

This idea was first floated a few months back, and I doubt that the owners are any more serious about this being an actual threat than they were then. The problem is that it would end up playing the owners against themselves. While some teams would certainly love to shed bloated contracts (Joe Johnson, Gilbert Arenas), I would think that other franchises (Clippers, Magic) would be deathly afraid of watching their franchise star walk away.

Thunder and the Luxury Tax | Daily Thunder 

Young writes that the stiff luxury tax threatens the very core of the Thunder, a project that has been meticulously designed to maximize the team's potential.

Durant Would Vote 'NO' on Proposal | CBS Sports

Kevin Durant has been vocal during this lockout season and states that he still isn't seeing the deal that the players want. While I applaud his effort to fight hard for what he wants, the reality is, the players are never going to see the deal that they want.

More links after the jump.

The NBA's Terrible Offer | Ball Don't Lie

Dwyer argues that right now, the decision is between a terrible offer and calamity.

Agent Fires Back Against Stern | CBS Sports

Stern called the player agents greedy, and one agent took issue with his vitriol. In my opinion, it isn't so much that the agents are greedy, but rather it feels like they are not always working in their clients' best interests.

B-List Issues Could Cause Problems | Yahoo! Sports

Another issue on the table right now is the proposal that the owners could a) contract teams without NBPA approval; and b) that they could adjust the BRI split as a result.

Durant Joins Josh Howard's Charity Game | NewsOK

I know what you're thinking...Josh Howard has a charity game?

Lockout Positive: Scalabrine Time | Basketbawful

If guys like Brian Cardinal can have their time in the sun, why not Brian Scalabrine?

Etan Thomas: Lockout Parallels Occupy Wall Street | CBS Sports

I respect NBPA VP Etan Thomas for holding fast to his position and I think it is a good PR move to make this debate more about principles than dollars, I don't know if it is a great idea to compare the lockout to a national movement that is turning lawless.