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OKC Loud Links: Ever Closer, the Divide Persists

I am beginning to think that I'm watching a reenactment of an Ent meeting from Lord of the Rings with these negotiations.

On a serious note, today is Veterans Day and yesterday was the 236th birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps (no better friend, no worse enemy). So if I may editorialize for a moment, if you know of a veteran, thank them for their service, because they are the rough men, they are the dogs of war.

On a less serious note, we can also celebrate Nigel Tufnel Day today (11/11/11).


NBA Offers Revised Proposal, Hope for Season | Sports Illustrated

Lowe offers a few nuggets of hope, but it still seems as if the sticking point is the luxury tax and its quasi-hard cap features. At least they finally moved away from the BRI ridiculousness. 

Revised Proposal Not Good Enough | CBS Sports

The NBA did make some concessions on the margins, but Derek Fisher says they're still not quite enough.

The Not-So-Tough Choice | Ball Don't Lie

Dwyer writes that while the lockout was the owners' fault, a missed season will be the players' fault. 

Players to Consider New Offer | Yahoo! Sports

"Why do they keep scrambling us to New York for these meetings when they never listen to us? We told them not to go past 53 percent. They did. We told them we're not taking this deal. Why waste our time?" - anonymous player

Stern Offers 72 Games, Few Alternatives | CBS Sports

If a deal can be reached soon, the season could start by December 15th with only 10 games lost.

These Are the Moments: Sacramento Kings | Hardwood Hype

If you're new to the NBA, you might not be aware that for the briefest of moments (maybe four years) the moribund Sacramento Kings were one of the purest displays of fantastic basketball you will ever see, reminiscent of the '77 Trail Blazers and '86 Celtics. Unfortunately they could never get over the hump in Los Angeles, and their flame burned out.

Elgin Baylor: Greatest Soldier/Baller Ever | Behind the Basket

Elgin Baylor was an Army reservist who split his military duty with playing for the Lakers. Pretty remarkable.

More links after the jump.

Bill Russell: Hard-liners Threaten the Deal | CBS Sports

"I have this theory that hard-liners are like true believers. And true believers think that any compromise is a retreat. And moving forward, that doesn't cut it."

Durant/Lebron Flag Football Game Set | Daily Thunder

Young reports that Kevin Durant and LeBron James have set a date of November 30 to host their first annual flag football game. Honestly, this might be the best negotiating tactic players have at this point, because I'm sure their employers' sphincters are collectively tightening at the thought that their best players are about to engage in a sport that is none to kind to its participants.

Shaq: Physically Abused by His Father | CBS Sports

Shaquille O'Neal's biography, set for release next week, has dropped many of the gossip-laden stories that we crave, but here Golliver notes that Shaq also revealed without any seeming resentment the physical abuse he took from his dad. What I find amazing is that throughout the past 20 years while I've watched Shaq's career play out, I've never seen him speak ill of his dad.