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OKC Loud Links: Fooled Again, But Meetings Continue

Once again, the NBA seemed to have come to a drop-dead date, with chaos surely on the other side, and once again they blew through that deadline with nary a forethought. So the meetings continue today, and if David Stern's comment is any indication, we may be in for another 40 degree day.

"Nothing was worked out today. ... We're not failing and we're not succeeding. We're just there." - David Stern

Talks Continue, No Major Progress | ESPN

At least they're talking, right?

No Deal, But Progress Warrants More Talks | Sports Illustrated

Lowe writes that the negotiations are progressing but still fragile. 

As an aside, I do wonder if all of these men ever get tired of putting on suits every day to sit in a room for 12 hours a day. Is there ever a moment when someone just wants to throw on some sweats and a t-shirt and maybe work in some NBA Jam to ease the tension?

Not Failing, Not Succeeding, Not Dealing | CBS Sports

At least they managed to make it through a session without one side accusing the other of something nefarious. 

Parties Keep Talking, We Keep Waiting | SB Nation

Ziller writes that the most frustrating aspect of this CBA saga is that it doesn't contain the usual story arcs that we as a society have come to expect from the stories we consume. Instead, it feels more like our stagnating economy - every day seems the same as the last, with little optimism going forward.

These Are the Moments: Seattle | Hardwood Hype

They're starting a new series at this site, looking at some of each franchise's most signature moments. Seattle is up first, and although I'm sure the very mention of it on this site will cause pangs of anxiety, I urge to to fight through it and remember. The Shawn Kemp dunk over Alton Lister is a memory I will gladly take to my grave.

Gilbert No Longer a Hardliner? | CBS Sports

Dan Gilbert, Cavaliers owner and comic sans enthusiast, has possibly moved from a hard-line hawk position to a more moderate position. As we know, Gilbert is a man who likes leverage. Has he lost some, or has he re-evaluated the negotiating table?

More links after the jump.

The NBA Perspective for the NCAA Season | Basketball Prospectus

Kevin Pelton clues us NBA dorks in on what will be going down this college basketball season and who is worth watching.

Rick Barry, Still Being Rick Barry | Ball Don't Lie

NBA legend Rick Barry is not a fan of Billy Hunter.

Jonny Flynn Entertains Thoughts of a Heist | SB Nation

Guard Jonny Flynn wonders if everyone ever tried to rob the World Series of Poker. The answer is not really, but for some reason this suggestion reminds me of this awful, awful movie.


The Wire - 40 Degree Day (via LTmattYT)