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OKC Loud Links: Going Dark

You may notice that something is a bit different this morning. In fact, if you peruse the entire SB Nation universe of NBA teams you will see that we have gone dark, to collectively note that today, November 1st, should have been opening day of the 2011-2012 season. Almost six months have passed since the Dallas Mavericks eliminated the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals on May 25th on the way to Dallas' first NBA championship, but here we are.

Taking a cue from CelticsBlog, Here are some things that you might recall from a year ago:


And now that I have effectively depressed you for the next 24 hours, here are some links!

Lockout Bleeds Into Regular Season, Fans Are the Goats | SB Nation

Mavericks vs. Bulls? Yeah, that would have been nice.

Two Economists Explain the Lockout | Grantland

Congratulations, Grantland editors, welcome to the month of October

Could Your City Give a Team a Home? | Wages of Wins

The WoW guys continue their analysis of various cities around the country, discerning if various locations have the support system to be able to carry a team.

This is a great post that looks at different schools of negotiation tactics. I have held the belief that owners and players have treated this negotiation as a zero sum game rather than a negotiation of mutual and cumulative benefit. 

Abbott considers the cumulative effect of the amnesty clause and whether it will truly curb over-aggressive spending on marginal talent. 

Moore considers the history of the league and how work stoppages and other conflicts have helped shape it over the years.

A scoff-able notion, isn't it? Well, consider Blott's analysis and see where the chips fall.

Celtics' Worst Trade Ever | CelticsBlog

Not surprisingly, Celtics fans are still a bit bothered by the Jeff Green-Kendrick Perkins trade.


More links after the jump.


David & Goliath | HoopSpeak

If you started from scratch, would you rather build a team around Chris Paul or Dwight Howard? In the alternative, if you wanted to make more money, which would you choose?

Is Using Amnesty Clause on Rashard Lewis a Slam Dunk? | Bullets Forever

Prada examines how the amnesty clause might impact one of the very players who inspired it, Rashard Lewis.

Amnesty Clause, Brandon Roy, and Fate | Hardwood Paroxysm

Brandon Roy, one of the Trail Blazers' stories of sadness, gets the amnesty analysis here as well.

Mickey Arison Fined $500,000 For Tweets | Palm Beach Post

There is upper class, there is wealthy, there is rich, and then there is "My tweets cost me half a mil, how u" money.

Nets Owner is Tall, Rich, Still Awkward | Ball Don't Lie

Mikhail Prokhorov participated in a charity basketball game, and surprisingly, it does not look like playing basketball is a natural endeavor for the man. Even so, he still probably showered off with bottles of Heidsieck.


Never forget, the answer is none. None more black.