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OKC Loud Links: Odds and Ends

Last night I hugged my iMac a little more tightly after the news broke of Steve Jobs' passing.  I don't know how much of the NBA space his company has influenced, but I get to do all this fun blogging stuff on my iMac, and that is at least something.

Bridging the BRI Gap | HoopsHype

Here is another proposal for how to get the NBA and NBPA to meet in the middle. This writer proposes a yearly re-calibration of the BRI split based on the overall profitability of the league. I like the dynamic approach to it, however, one thing it can never protect against is the NBA's accounting departments doing what they probably did before - make the operating income look as low as possible.

Contemporary Change | Mavs MoneyBall

This post offers a great look on one of the (in my opinion) underreported aspects of the Mavericks' run to the title. They showed a remarkable ability to adjust on the fly, and they did it by employing a bevy of advanced metrics. This ability to adjust rested on two things: 1) the coaches' ability to understand what they were looking at and make changes; and 2) the players' trust that their coaches knew what they were doing.

Ranking Teams' 25 and Under Players | Piston Powered

Guess who comes out in the top spot?

Robert Sarver Destroying 43 Years of Phoenix Goodwill | SB Nation

Seth Pollack digs in deep to examine the harm that Suns owner Robert Sarver has inflicted, not only on his own team, but on the rest of the league.

The Winter of Jerry West | Grantland

Jerry West has left an indelible fingerprint on the entire history of the NBA, and this piece does a great job occupying some space with the Logo and Legend. It is a powerful piece because it touches heavily on West's greatest attribute and also his greatest struggle - his need to self-evaluate.

Rogue of the Week: Power Agents | Behind the Basket

The superagents' little stunt over the weekend was extremely self-serving...but on the other hand, is that not what agents are paid to do?

More links after the jump.

Etan Thomas Considers Owners' Point of View, Poorly | Ball Don't Lie

I will always defend an athlete's right to speak what they think, but this caricature diatribe seems extremely poorly timed, partisan, and antagonistic. I don't know how it can help in the matters at hand.

It's Time for Harden to Start |

The push for James Harden to move into the starting lineup is swelling. Will Scott Brooks take notice?

Rebound for Kenny Anderson |

If you're an old timer like me, you might remember Kenny Anderson the NBA player. If you have read enough on this CBA lockout, you probably know about his infamous statements during the last one. It is encouraging to see how he has rebounded in life from a lot of his past missteps, and with this latest venture, I am reminded of this wonderful quote by Dostoyevsky: 

"The soul is healed by being with children"

Blake Griffin Takes it All Off For ESPN Mag | Ball Don't Lie

Self-explanatory. I do wonder if Blake Griffin's affinity for Will Farrell (and desire to work for him) led him to be inspired by this classic scene.

NBA 2K12 Worst Player Also Plays for Thunder | Daily Thunder

Young points out a dubious distinction for the Thunder's own Byron Mullens.

Ranking Every Player: 51-60 | ESPN

Serge Ibaka checks in, and I for one agree with the tweeter's assessment of his future.

How to Survive the Lockout | The Lost Ogle

His last point is salient - there might be very small human beings running around your home, so it is probably in your best interest to at least learn their names.

John Lennon and Miles Davis Shoot Some Hoops | Ball Don't Lie

I bet Miles Davis liked to play some aggressive defense.