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OKC Loud Links: How Close Are We?

The negotiation yesterday did not result in a resolution, and it still seems as if the main sticking point is the money split. Is it 53-51? Is it 53-47? Can it be drilled down to 50-50? Everything is speculation at this point, but we know that David Stern has fired another warning shot for game cancellations. Meanwhile, is Billy Hunter starting to feel the heat from his own ranks?

Owners, Players Still About $80 Million Apart | CBS Sports

Berger walks us through the see-sawing of the negotiation. He offers a good rule of thumb too - each BRI percentage point is worth about $40 million.

Will There Be Games Played on November 1st? | ESPN

Coon distinguishes between the optimist and the pessimist. I'm neither, but I can read the tea leaves. Says Coon:

"Can the two sides resolve their differences in two days, following two years of talks that yielded little progress?"

The Issues That May Cost the NBA Games | 8 Points 9 Seconds

If you're not familiar with the chaps at this Truehoop blog, this is a great post to help you get caught up to date. In my opinion there are only a handful of people, which includes both professional reporters and bloggers, who really understand the mechanics of the CBA negotiation, and one of them is Tim Donahue.

A 50-50 Split May Be the Best the Players Get | Sports Illustrated

The players have never in the 28 year history of the CBA received less than 53% of BRI. And yet, some players have privately admitted that they'd take the 50-50 split.

"Do or Die" Meeting Kind of Went "Die" | Daily Thunder 

Young reminds us that even though the meetings yesterday did not end in a deal, we shouldn't be too surprised or disappointed, because the past two years essentially led up to this point.

More links after the jump.

Owners Get What They Want, Wait for Players to Crumble | Ball Don't Lie

An astute observation by Dwyer - it does kind of feel like the past 3 1/2 months were a total waste. I disagree with his blame of the owners though; both sides are culpable because there is no moral ground for either side. As Donahue at  8 Points 9 Seconds argued, this is a matter of power, not truth.

Cut, Cap, and Profit! | Wages of Wins

This post is a bit wonky if you're not a fan of economics, but it takes an interesting look at how the CBA negotiations have mirrored the way our nation's political and connected money classes have imposed their wills on the rest of society.

Nobody Really Cares About Stadium Workers | HoopSpeak

In which Strauss wonders if the concern for the plight of the concession stand worker is really just a case of sportswriter projection.

Nutritional Benefits | Hardwood Paroxysm

This post is really about Amare Stoudemire and his continued maturation as a human being, but it does offer a great catch phrase - "You can't go cold turkey on fried chicken." True.

Can OKC Taxpayers Have a Case? | Daily Thunder

Young taps his lawyer buddy (Lawyers! Friends to all!) to examine the potential for the Oklahoma City taxpayers to sue the city if the NBA's season is canceled. I think the phrase caveat emptor might apply here. 

Monta Ellis and the Island of Misfit Toys | HoopSpeak

Monta Ellis is a bit of an enigma, he being an extremely talented player that could watch his entire career wash by without a single meaningful moment. Mason rightly notes though that, "team chemistry is fickle and can appear without warning." There is hope yet.