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How You Can Help Make SBNation Better

No, this isn't another sponsored post. I'm just here to inform you guys of a survey that you can do in order to help us serve you better. No, it's not like those middle of the day phone calls asking you which dishwasher you use so you can get junk mail later, and no, it's not like those cards you can fill out at restaurants that make people lose their jobs. Rather, it's a survey that lets the guys at SBNation know how you want things, so we can continue to be one of the best sources for sports blogs and information on the web. There's also a bit of info for sponsors, but there's only a couple of them, and they aren't specific. You will not receive any SPAM if you participate.

Also, there is added incentive. If WTLC is one of the top three blogs in terms of survey participants in relations to blog members, we get $500 to give to the charity of our choice, in our name. If we were to win this honor, I would let you guys choose the charity it is sent to.

Click Here to Participate! Remember to fill in as the site that sent you!