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OKC Loud Links: The Next Biggest Meeting Is Today

This time, they really mean it though. If things fall apart today (and by the look of things, they are), games will likely have to be canceled due to the irreconcilable differences.

Canceled Season Would be a Blow to OKC Budget, Businesses | NewsOK

Here is a look at the ripple effect the NBA lockout will have on local economies. According to one of the city's executive managers, each Thunder game pumps $1.28 million into the economy.

10 Training Camp Storylines | Daily Thunder

Young lists the top 10 storylines he'd be excited to cover if, you know, there were actually any storylines to cover.

Blame Stern if Push Comes to Shove | Yahoo! Sports

David Stern still has the sway. What is the sway? This is the sway.

Clock is Ticking | CBS Sports

Apparently the agents have begun to refer to the NBPA head as Billy "Giveback" Hunter. Ouch. 

A Calm Stern is an Effective Stern | Sheridan Hoops

Jan Hubbard had the opportunity to work with David Stern for eight years, and his account of this brilliant and very driven man sheds some insight into these negotiations.

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Lockout Allows Owners to Cheat Fans, Embrace Greed | SB Nation

Ziller takes aim at Suns owner Robert Sarver. While Ziller makes some good points about Sarver's detrimental performance so far, I would disagree that it has to do with the human nature of greed. I think it has more to do with the fact that Sarver has insulated himself and been league-bubble wrapped so that he does not feel the pain of moral hazard.

Delonte & LeBron | Basketbawful

It's probably appropriate that that this comic was created by a guy named "Evil Ted." 

NBA Stars' Charity Game Sells Out in 2 Hours |

Tickets for LeBron James & Dwyane Wade's charity game are already gone.

Details of the "Table Setting" Meeting | Hardwood Paroxysm 

For some reason this post reminds me of this classic scene.

Would a Hard Cap Benefit the Suns? | Valley of the Suns

The Suns have been one of the teams that have gotten caught paying the luxury tax with little to show for it. A hard cap would cure much of their symptoms, but it would not necessarily remove the tumors.

Lockout. Lockout. Lockout. Part II | Hoopism

The gents at Hoopism continue their ongoing debate as to the impact of the lockout.