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Happy Halloween! The Durantula, Episode 1

Happy Halloween, fellow Thunder fans! I hope you have a most excellent time eating candy, dressing up in costumes, or getting drunk. Whatever happens to be your preference.

In celebration of the holiday, I'm spotlighting something that was recently posted in the FanShots of WTLC. The Durantula, Episode 1 explores the possibilities of what is really in KD's backpack. But, instead of finding some other undisclosed personal items, they find....well, just have a look for yourself.

Yep. It was a "DURANTULA". Does it go around and steal the basketball talent of KD's opponents like the aliens in Space Jam? Or does it just leave blood marks on trees? We'll have to wait to find out, but this video does a good job for it's first try.

Be sure to check out The Crossover Dribble for updates on the series and other NBA topics. It describes itself as a "Slammin'" NBA Blog, and any blog that's willing to go that far back into 90s lingo that I still use regularly gets a seal of approval from me.