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OKC Loud Links: Stern "Leaving it to the Bloggers"

We've had some reports leak out over the weekend about what transpired during the most recent CBA meeting. With some of the NBA's biggest money draws in the house (LeBron James, Dwyane Wade), apparently fireworks began to fly as they attempted to throw their weight around a bit and push back against David Stern. Time will tell if it was all just posturing, of if there is a renewed vigor.

Labor Talks Shaken Out of Doldrums by Players' Presence |

Aldridge writes that while the players' demands at Friday's meeting probably didn't do much to push the metrics of the negotiation, it did serve the purpose of waking people up. If this prompts David Stern to give his version of the famous Glengarry Glen Ross speech, all the better.

"We're Closer Than We Were Before" | CBS Sports

Faraway and So Close.

Die Hard | CelticsBlog

The venerable Jeff Clark pens an ode to the die hard NBA fan, and smartly pushes back against Jeff Van Gundy's contention that nobody cares about the lockout. Oh we do. 

David Stern's Optimism and the Optics of Progress | SB Nation

Ziller writes that surprisingly, the most upbeat guy coming out of the latest round of meetings was the perpetually sullen David Stern. Why was his attitude diametrically opposed to everyone else? I think I know why.

Dave Berri Podcast | Wages of Wins

Wages of Wins Founder Dave Berri offers a variety of opinions on the goings-on across the lockout landscape. I need to work on adding a "Dave Berri" pose to my repertoire. 

Amnesty Tango: Pacific Division | Hardwood Paroxysm

"There isn't a single underpaid player on the Lakers squad."

More links after the jump.

What Lockout? Previewing the Lakers | Hardwood Hype

Think of this preview this way - what would the Thunder need to do to beat this team in a seven game series? 

Michael Jordan Owns a Steakhouse | Time Out Chicago

Interested in overspending on the Michael Jordan Steakhouse experience? Have at it. I'll be down the street at Gino & Georgetti's

Can Basketball Help Derrick Rose's Englewood Neighborhood? | Chicago Sun-Times

‘‘Sports?'  I see them as a positive and a negative. They are a way to get out, but do the players think they're going to be the next Derrick Rose? That's pressure. Because they're not going to be that. It's not going to happen. They don't have his talent. Everybody thinks it's cool to rap, cool to play basketball, but - I ask you - is that a life skill?''

Alonzo Mourning's House on Sale | Wall Street Journal

After you're done overpaying at the steakhouse, you can check out Alonzo Mourning's old crib that he's trying to unload.

Questions. | Hardwood Paroxysm

This is kind of depressing, actually.