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Kevin Durant Responds to Some Silly Questions (And Shows Off His Tattoos)

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As you all know, there's been some recent "controversy" around Kevin Durant. And by "controversy", I mean things like him wearing a Bulls hat. KD responds here:

(Via OfficialKevinDurant)

We do learn a few answers to some eternal questions about Kevin Durant. Like the reason that he has no tattoos on his arm. Apparently, it's because his mom told them not to and he's saving them for future family, not because of public appearance issues. Reasonable enough.

We also learn lessons about society. Apparently, people don't wear hats because of the team they like anymore. They just wear them because they look good. I guess that would explain a lot nowadays.

He also says that he went to Texas, so that's why he hates OU, and hopes they lose. Again, reasonable enough.

I really don't see how anybody could hate this guy. If the biggest controversies surrounding him are things like his tattoos, the hats he wears, and the colleges he likes, I'd say that there's not a whole lot to be worried about.