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New Kevin Durant Commercial, A Part of Nike's "Basketball Never Stops" Campaign

Via KD's Twitter:

Video Via the NikeBasketball YouTube Channel

J.A. Sherman threw up a video earlier this week showcasing a Nike Commercial (As part of the Jumpman 23 brand) professing the message, "Love the game, no matter what." It showed various NBA stars playing against inferior competition in all places, on all levels. It was in a light-hearted tone, with a silky-smooth track playing throughout.

But today, Nike released a commercial with a much more direct tone. All of the shots are in low light, with the spotlights that used to be lighting the arena now shining down on the players as they trained in other places. The locations shown range from the typical to the ridiculous, with LeBron James playing amidst skyscrapers and one unidentified player dribbling two basketballs on a bridge.

The ad also showcases other things, like a high school team sitting on a bus, the crowd at Duke getting pumped, and way too many people watching a "pop-a-shot" game. The commercial concludes with the slogan "Basketball Never Stops".

Durant's role in the commercial is kind of minor, but he's the NBA player you see the most of, playing for the Goodman League and exciting the crowd with his performance.

Below: Ad Analysis and Opinion!

This ad is effective as a marketing tool, as it showcases the other areas of Nike's sponsorship and tries to portray Nike on the side of "We hate the lockout too, but we still love basketball." But it's not an ad everyone will remember. There's nothing memorable or overly ridiculous about it. Sure, there's the interesting shot here or there, but your attention is always focused on the spotlight the commercial provides, rather than the areas or situations they're in. It doesn't really inspire me any more than the stock shots of fans Fox Sports Oklahoma sometimes uses. The sound is just some generic techno mixed in with some stomping that I've heard maybe a thousand times before.

Thus, the commercial doesn't really stick out in my mind, and just comes off as something typical. If you want to do something that inspires me, Nike, then go completely ridiculous with it. I'm not saying the ad is terrible or anything, just unmemorable.

The other commercial, though, is something that you're going to remember for a long time. It's pretty hard to get that song and Chris Paul playing in a Bayou women's league out of your head. Plus, it gives me the vain hope that an NBA player will show up to one of my rec games one day!

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