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OKC Loud Links: It's a Good Friday, Maybe

The succession of the past two days seems to indicate that today, Friday, may be the day that a deal is reached. Maybe.

Three Reasons for the New Mood | ESPN

Abbott writes that one of the reasons why the meetings seem to have gone more smoothly has been the absence of a certain lawyer. No, a different one.

Stern: Friday's the Day | CBS Sports

"We're looking forward to it." - David Stern

Luxury Tax Looms as Big Obstacle | Sports Illustrated

The luxury tax concept seems simple on its face, but it has a far-reaching impact  and so it remains as one of the biggest holdups to any agreement.

Deal is Near as Owners, Players Return to the Table | Sports Illustrated

Lowe describes here how each side can claim smaller "wins," which will hopefully lead to the biggest win for everyone, which is the start of the season.

Owners Give Short Shrift to Public Investment | SB Nation

It is important to remember that when we think of owners as capitalists, we have to remember that they did not actually provide much of the franchise's capital.

Salary Cap Chat With Larry Coon | HoopsWorld

Coon hosted another of his chats earlier this week, and this one gives me further hopes that fans are far more sophisticated that people give them credit for.

Why is a Deal Closer? Player Paychecks Stop Soon | CNBC

While I agree that the impending loss of paychecks could be a motivation for players, Rovell's math doesn't really help us since he chooses the wrong starting point for average player salaries.

More links after the jump.

Optimism and the Winding Path of the Lockout | Hardwood Paroxysm

Everyone seems optimistic today. I would wager that a deal can be made today, just as a deal could have been made on any number of occasions, as long as both parties actually want a deal to be made.

Six Cities That Don't Deserve a Team | Wages of Wins

No soup for you.

HoopSpeak Live Episode 24 | HoopSpeak

The HS guys welcome Tom Haberstroh, he of the recent lengthy piece on the myth of competitive balance. Give it a listen.

NBA Outsourcing: Week 3 | Hardwood Paroxysm

Schiller offers his latest post on his tracking of NBA players in Israel.

Bravo? | Ball Don't Lie

Dwyer writes that with the two sides nearing closure, we're all on pins and needles.

Why NBA Players Shoot Labor Bricks | Paul Shirley

There was a time when Shirley's writing was insightful and irreverent.