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OKC Loud Links: Another Marathon

Owners and players met yesterday for another marathon meeting, and early signs are optimistic. It may or may not be relevant that the first competitor in a "marathon" died after it was over.

NBA, Union Meet for 15 Hours | ESPN

Another 15 hours spent and still nary a word on what kind of catering these guys get during their meetings. Somebody is holding back on this important piece of intel.

Progress on System: 82 Games Still Possible | CBS Sports

Berger writes about the slow progress that occurred in yesterday's meetings. I for one however would be quite comfortable with a shortened season if it is the only cost of getting a better system in place.

Labor Meeting Aftermath |

If you're interested in watching some of the post-meeting analysis. Enthralling.

Should Owners Treat Players Like Coaches? | Wages of Wins

If you think the market for player contracts is bad...

Top 5 Scariest Contracts in the NBA | BlognBasketball

One whiff of these Halloween-eque contracts should make us all the more appreciative of Sam Presti.

The Payroll and Competitive Balance Myth | ESPN

Haberstroh goes over much of the ground we have covered here in the past few months regarding competitive balance, but also brings in the true effect of rookie salaries. I could sum up his article thus: "rookie contracts make the world go 'round because they are the only thing that really keeps the majority of players' salaries commensurate with their contribution."

More links after the jump.

More On Payroll and Competitive Balance | Daily Thunder

Young looks at the same issue as above but through the Thunder's lens. There are likely some difficult decisions on the horizon.

Stern Applies Tourniquet We Shouldn't Have Needed | SB Nation

I'm with Ziller - I hate the passive voice used again here. "It's sad that we missed two weeks..." is said in the same way you might say, "It's sad that it is raining and we missed our soccer game." Not quite the same thing, Dave.

How Small Market Owners Took Control | ESPN

The owners are totally unified, right?

The Original NBA Jam Pitch | SB Nation

Like Sharp says, it is all incredible.

Who Will Benefit Most from a Lost Season? | Behind the Basket

The Thunder top the list again, but I have a sense that it is only because other teams will be hurt the most, not because they will somehow gain an advantage.

Get "The View" On the NBA Lockout | Modern Mom

I am linking this because I read it and therefore all must suffer with me.