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Serge Ibaka and Marc Gasol Balling Together for Real Madrid? It's Possible...

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No longer adversaries?
No longer adversaries?

Via Marca, HoopsHype, and

Real Madrid wants to sign Marc Gasol if there's no NBA season. And not just sign him for the short term: They want him to sign a four or five-year deal to become the team's franchise player.

You can't seriously tell me that this doesn't interest you in some way. Yeah, Marc Gasol plays for the Grizzlies and caused us some major headaches during the playoffs, but it's a power combo that can't be ignored. Ibaka brings the defense and athleticism, Gasol brings the power and finesse. It's not quite Robinson-Duncan, but on terms of a Euroleague talent level, it's still pretty darn good.

Unfortunately, I seriously doubt Gasol would jet the NBA for a long-term deal in Europe. I know his home country is Spain, but he's coming off of a excellent playoff run with the Grizzlies, who are a younger team with room to grow. And yeah, he is a restricted free agent who runs the risk of a sub-par offer from the Grizzlies, but he is still free to seek an excellent offer from another team and force the Grizzlies to match it. And, heck, given how much they're paying Rudy Gay, you've got to figure Gasol has to see at least some of that cash.

But, if Gasol loses his mind and wants to go home, or if Real Madrid is willing to settle for a lesser offer, this power combo could become a reality. And I, for one, really hope it goes down.

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